Day Eleven

By October 17, 2015Giant's Diary

Ah, time to relax. A one-day shield just went up and it’s party time at the castle. What will I do with my day off? A bunch of barbarians made some elixir moonshine, but last time they drank it, a bunch of them went blind, and then they died pretty fast in the next battle, as you can imagine. So I think I’ll pass. I could go wander out in the woods I suppose, might be something fun to do out there. It’s pretty hot though, so I think I’ll pass on that, too. The archers play cards to pass the time, but the cards are so tiny I inhaled once and sucked them all up into my nose. So they don’t let me play anymore…

Ooh! I know what I’ll do! I’ll hang around the campfire, walk a few steps, pause and face the right, then walk a few more steps! Ah, I love my days off.


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