Day Nine

By October 15, 2015Giant's Diary

Okay, toupee — big mistake. Turns out there are things way worse than being bald. Like having a wind sweeper blow your toupee off in the middle of an attack. All day I’d been feeling great, walking a little taller than the other giants, running my fingers through my new hair (carefully, but pretending like I was doing it really recklessly) and then — WHOOSH! — wind sweeper. Toupee flops to the ground like a dead dragon. Everyone started laughing — our whole clan, their army. The entire battle just stopped for hilarity for like ten seconds. Heck, even the wall breakers were wheezing with laughter, and they don’t have lungs!

Man, I was so embarrassed. Luckily for me, as soon as my toupee fell off, no one could tell who I was on account of all us giants looking exactly the same. So I quickly went back to smashing things to blend in with everyone else. And guess what? We ended up winning the battle and getting a couple thousand gold coins and a butt-load of elixir.

I guess having hair was too good to be true. I got a little too cocky. I flew a little too close to the sun. Speaking of which, my bald head got a little sunburned today.


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